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Import notice on STOPPING WANHAOUSA dealership

Important Notice on STOPPING WANHAOUSA dealership

Dear WANHAOUSA customer,

WANHAOUSA is one of our distributor in USA since 2012. We have suspended his dealership since Oct 2016 due to his financial problem, and we deleted his name from our website since 1st Oct 2016. 
In the past 3 months we did not receive any order or payment from WANHAOUSA. A lot customers come to WANHAO CHINA to claim the printer which you paid to WANHAOUSA. Please cancel your order and ask your credit card company to return your payment.

At same time, if you have get anything unclear or need assist. Our primary distributor Ultimate 3D printing Store would provide any possible assistance.

Ultimate 3D Printing Store
Warehouse & Showroom Location
11108 Challenger Ave Building 1
Odessa, FL 33556
Office (813) 280-1115
Company Cell (813) 277-8200

Wanhao Team 
24th June 2017