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Wanhao Duplicator 6/plus software downloading

  Cura 18.04

D6/plus Software and firmware

We're excited to announce the collaboration between WANHAO and MYMINIFACTORY, featuring an updated CURA 2 with direct MODEL download and print, more slicing options, and better print quality than ever before. Beginner users are encouraged to continue to use the original Cura WANHAO Edition.


CURA 2 Dropbox Download. Click to download. 


Windows                       OS

Software Download

1.Cura 16.021 Download                     

                  Feature:  A. Release on 4th July. Latest edition

                         B. Adding Web Model printing, support by My Mini factory( one of world largest model site. )

                         C. Integrate Profile of all Wanhao FDM printers. 


3. Cura-15.02.1-MacOS.dmg  Download

D6 Firmware Download

 D6_wanhao_V2.3.hex   Note:  Change home position. Starting guidance modifed.

 D6_wanhao_V2.4.hex   Note:  Correct Lower buildplate and Raise buildplate.

                                                                    Fix the current value not match the real value.

 D6_wanhao_V2.5.hex   Note:  Fix the Max Extruder Temperature to 260'C

                                                                  Fix the Max bed temperature to 115'C

D6_wanhao_V3.01.hex  Note:  Fix the version bug

                                                                  Fix the platform lower distance

D6PLus firmware

D6 Plus wanhao_V0.5.hex


D6 PLUS V2.24.hex   Note: fix loading reverse

 D6 PLUS V2.25.hex   Note: fix Loading change E current.

 Adjusting Z Offset and Leveling Bed Video


1.1 Cura 
We recommend that new users start with Cura as  it  includes a slicing engine. 

These  programs  take  the  3-Dimensional  model  (typically  STL/OBJ/etc)  and  determine  the  3D printer  toolpath  based  on  the  options  selected.  The  slicing  engine  uses  the  nozzle  diameter, printing  and movement  speeds,  layer height  and other  variables  to determine  the  coordinates where  it needs to move and the rates at which  it will do so. This  information  is exported out of the program as a gcode file. The gcode file is a plain-text file with a series of text-based codes and a list of the complete X,Y and Z axis coordinates used for printing the 3D model. We recommend that new users start with Cura as it includes the printer host as well.

Setup Cura 
Cura  is  available  for  download  on  our  website  at DOWNLOADING  When installing, it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions of Cura you may have been using. When first opening  Cura,  you  will  be  prompted  to  go  through  the  First  run  wizard.  This  will  consist  of selecting your printer.  It  is  important  to  select  the correct printer , as Cura uses custom profiles and machines settings based upon which printer you are running.

1.2 Installing Cura

Download Cura on our website and run the exe file. 
When you run the exe file, the  very  First  screen  you will  get  is  to choose the language as shown below:


After pressing next  the next screen will be the installation wizard as below.


Then select the installation folder.


Now Press next to finish the process:  



Now you will see the Front screen of Cura with all the options as shown below: 


Now go to MACHINE- ADD NEW MACHINE select the machine type you have.



Now press Finish and you will be redirected to the below screen:

1. Connec the printer with your PC. The installation wizard would install the driver automatically.

2. Navigate to Machine--INSTALL CUSTOM FIRMWARE


3. Select the firmware which you have download from our website. Then press OK.