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Duplicator i3 User Manuel

WANHAO i3 series Unboxing and Hardware Set up

  I3 UNBOXING                                       I3V2.1 UNBOXING

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WANHAO i3 First Run Experience



WANHAO i3 Evolvement

i3V2 Improvement                                    i3V2.1 Improvement

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  V2.1 upgrading manual

Wanhao i3 Unboxing and Hardware Set up.

We packaged your Duplicator i3 very carefully at the Wanhao Bot cave -- we hope you’ll read this  
guide and be  just as  careful unpacking  it.  In  fact,  you  should always be  really  careful with The
Duplicator i3. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Safety In Safety Information formation

1.1 Caution: The Duplicator  i3 generates high  temperatures and  includes moving parts  that can
cause injury. Never reach inside The Duplicator i3 while it is in operation, and allow time for The
Duplicator i3 to cool down after operation.


The Duplicator i3 is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Make sure you don't have a static charge
on you by touching a grounded object  before  operating  The  Duplicator  i3  or  attempting  any  adjustments.  If  opening  The Duplicator i3 for service, ensure that the power supply is turned off and the cord is disconnected.

Package Contents

    Here are the items that should be found in the Duplicator i3 package:  
    -The Duplicator i3  
    -Single Step exstruder MK10
    -1x spool holder
    -Hex Wrench and bolt Kit  
    - 1 x SD card  
    -2 x Wanhao platform tape 
    -10 meters PLA filament    
    -1 x Power supply cable  
    -1 x USB A to B cable  
    -1 x filament stand


2.1 The Duplicator  i3  is packed  very  tightly and  carefully  --  take  your  time unpacking  it.  In  this section, the names of important parts of the machine will be in bold type.


First, place The Duplicator  i3's box on  the work  table next  to a  clean,  flat work  space. Put  the
upside down. Open  from  the bottom  side. Turn  the upside up and pull  the box up. So you can
clear all the protection foam and cut all the white secure ribbons.

 1.  Cut the ribbon                                    2. Get the spare parts box out


3.Take the foam out                                  4.Take off the box


5. Put the Base onto a table or floor. Never drag the black cable.


6. Put the control box onto table or floor.


7. Stand the tower on the table.              8. Cut the white secure ribbon.  


9. Raise the right X axis manually.            10.Raise the left axis manually.


11.Insert the Base into the tower and match the bolt hole.  


12. Lock the 2 bolts on left, right side. 


13.Turn printer aside, Lock extra 2bolts inside base    14. Lock the left motor cable


15. Cut the black ribbon                          16.Short cable for Z; Long for X, black for end stop switch


17. Insert longest into the X axis motor. 18. Insert the drag Chain into socket


Note: the black cable is not a handle! Never lift The Duplicator i3 by the black cable 2.3


. Gently pull The Duplicator i3 out of its packaging and place it on your work surface.2.4 

In the packaging underneath your Duplicator i3 you’ll find the Power cable, as well as your USB A
to B cable and Filament. Take these out and put them aside.

You  should  be  able  to  see  the  build  platform:  it’s  an  aluminum  plate.  Tear  off  one Wanhao
Masking tape to cover the plate.


You  have  now  finished  unpacking  your  Duplicator  i3!  We’re  really  proud  of  it!  Also,  we
recommend  that  you  keep  the  box  that  it was  shipped  in  for  future  transport  and  long-term

The Duplicator i3 Diagram
Before we  continue,  let’s  familiarize ourselves with  some of  the main  features of  The Wanhao
Duplicator i3.

3.1 Front:
1.    Step exstruder MK10
2.    Build Platform

3.    LCD Interface Panel
5.    SD Card slot (on side panel)
3.2 Back and side:
6.    Power switch(110V or 220V)
7.    Power input
8.    USB cable input
9.    spool holder


Initial Hardware Setup.

Now, set the Spool holder on the control box. Insert 2 screws through the 2 holes of spool holder
. Lock the 2 screws onto the stand. Then insert the filament spool holder through the stand
hole and lock it by 2 plastic nuts.



Almost  finished! Check your Power Supply power switch. There are 2 voltage option, 110V and
. Make sure you are setting the switch at right voltage according to your local power supply
voltage. 4.6 Note:this  is a 2 voltage Power Supply Unit which can accept 110V and 240 V  ,AC at
50/60 hz.  It also has a standard  IEC cable  input  to accept  international cable  types  if you’re out
side  the  China. Next,  plug  the  cable  into  the  Power  Supply  socket,  next  to  the  power  switch. 4.7Before  connecting  anything, make  sure  that  the  Duplicator  i3  power  switch  is  in  the  OFF position and the switch is at right voltage of your local area.


To protect the motor cable from damage during shipping, we have unplug the Z axis and X axis
motor  cable  connector.  You  need  to  insert  the  connector  into  the  socket when  you  start.  The longest cable is for X axis. And the other 2 male connectors quite near the female connector are
for Z axis motor. Just insert them.


Last, open up your WANHAO  filament(not  included  in  the printer box) and mount them on  the
Spool holder.  
We  do  recommend  to  print  from  SD  card  only.  If  you  need  to  update  the  firmware  in  future, locate the USB A to B cable and plug  it  into the USB B port on The Duplicator  i3. Don’t plug the other  end  into  anything  yet.  For  updating  firmware,  check 
www.wanhao3dprinter.com ----software downloading. 


Guess  what?  You’re  done  with  initial  hardware  setup!  Take  a moment  to  relax  and mentally
prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

When you’re ready to flip the switch and make your first prints, head to the next step, the First
Run Experience
REV.B. changes
1.  Adding the damper pad.  
2.  Folding packing.



Safety Information
1.1  Caution: The Duplicator  i3 generates high  temperatures  and  includes moving parts  that  can
cause injury. Never reach inside the Duplicator i3 while it is in operation, and allow time for
the Duplicator i3 to cool down after operation. 


The Duplicator i3 is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Make sure you don't have a static charge
on  you  by  touching  a  grounded  object  before  operating  The  Duplicator  i3  or  attempting  any
adjustments.  If opening  the Duplicator  i3  for  service, ensure  that  the power  supply  is  turned off
and the cord is disconnected. 

All set
First, make sure that you’ve completed all the steps in the Unboxing and Hardware Setup section:
your  Step  extruder MK10  should  be  bolted  in  place,  your  filament  spool  amounted,  and  your
spools of filament mounted on the spool holders. You can plug in your power supply now, too. 2.1 


If everything  is  ready,  then  flip on  the power button on  the back of your Duplicator  i3 and hold
onto  your  hat. Not  literally,  though  --  if  this  causes  a  large  gust  of wind,  you  should  probably contact tech support at
support@wanhao3dprinter.com .
The Duplicator  i3 will now guide you  through  initial setup and your first print. You should see a
WANHAO LOGO on the LCD screen. 2.2


 There is one black aluminum button beside the LCD screen. Turn and push to navigate and make


Then this guide will help you to level the platform, load filament, and start a test print.  
Follow the following instructions to set up your Duplicator i3 for the first time! And remember, if
anything goes wrong, or things aren't happening the way this guide says they should, check out the
Troubleshooting page or get in touch with Support.

Leveling Your Platform
Pay close attention: leveling your platform is very important to print quality!
First  navigate  to Quick  Setting---Home All.  The  extruder  should move  to  left  bottom  side  of

Navigate to Quick setting---Disable stepper. Then there’s no power on every motor. So you are
able  to move  the extruder on X axis freely. And  the printing platform can move on Y axis freely
too. By hand move the extruder to different positions over the build platform, while adjusting the
spacing between the extruder nozzle and platform with the knobs under the platform and a sheet of
paper placed between the platform and nozzle.


To level the build plate, you must adjust the four knobs which under the build platform. These four
knobs lower and raise the build plate.
•  Tightening  the knobs [turning  them  to  the right] moves  the build plate away from  the extruder
•  Loosening  the  knobs  [turning  them  to  the  left] moves  the  build  plate  closer  to  the extruder nozzle.


•  The distance between  the extruder nozzle and  the build plate should be about  the  thickness of
the A4 paper. It's about .12 mm thick, and should work great. If you haven't got the Support card
on hand, a sticky note works well, too.
Here is reference chart for correct distance between nozzle and platform.



When you're done, The Duplicator i3 nozzle height is OK. 3.5
If  your  platform  is  too  low,  your  prints might  not  stick  to  the  surface,  and  if  it's  too  high,  the nozzles could tear the Wanhao Masking tape on the platform surface. If you're having trouble, or if you just need to level your platform again, you can always get back to the leveling Build Plate

Loading Filament
4.1 The first step of filament loading is to cut the filament tip as sharp as possible. And navigate to
Quick  Settings—Preheat  PLA.  The  printer  will  start  heating  the  extruder  until  the  target
temperature met.


4.2 Make  sure  to push  the  extruder  spring  lever down  to open  the  filament  route  to  the heating chamber.  
4.3 Meanwhile  insert  the  filament  into  the  filament  hole  until  the  very  end  of  extruder.  Then
release the lever and you can feel that the filament is grasped by the extruder tightly.


4.4 Navigate to Extruder—Extr.position. Turn the buttom clock wise to load the filament.    


Make sure  that  the  filament  loads up  from  the upper side of spool, so you don't get  jams during
printing. After you’ve  fed  the  filament  through,  stop  twist  the Black Button. The machine will
Stop extruding.  
You’ll have  to wait for a few minutes for  them  to heat up. Be careful not  to  touch  the bottom of
the Step exstruder while it’s heating -- it gets up to about 220° C, which is hot and can burn you!
4.6 - 4.7


Once the nozzle is at temperature, you can load filament.  
You'll have  to use  to use some  force, but as  long as you’re holding only  the  filament, you can’t
hurt your Duplicator i3.
Maintain  pressure  on  the  filament,  and  release  the  spring  lever  and  after  a  few moments  you should feel the motor pulling it in. Then you’ll see some plastic start to come out the nozzle. When that happens, you can stop turning the black Button. Don't be surprised  if you don't see the color you expected --  there's probably still a bit of plastic  inside  the extruder  left over from  the  testing process.
After The Duplicator  i3  is done extruding, wait a moment  for  the extruded plastic  to cool down
before you pull it away. You can discard the plastic in your normal garbage, or recycle it, if your
recycling system can handle PLA. Don't leave plastic clinging to the extruder nozzle -- if you do,
newly extruded plastic might stick to the nozzle instead of the build platform.
The Duplicator  i3 will give you a couple of chance sat  this before continuing. If you don’t get  it
quite right the first time, you can load filament by press the spring lever and insert the filament.  
Your First Print
Now your Duplicator i3 is ready, if you’re ready to print. 5.1 Make sure your Micro SD card is in
the  Micro  SD  card  slot  at  the  right  side  of  The  Duplicator  i3  control  box.  Then,  if  you’ve
successfully  leveled  your  platform  and  loaded  filament  into  your  extruder,  answer  yes!  The
Duplicator i3 will drop you into the “Print from SD” menu. Select one of the prints we pre-loaded
onto the SD card and watch The Duplicator i3 go to work!