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Wanhao Duplicator 7


Important Notice : We are very sorry to announce We stop sales of D7Plus and D7 production since 2018 April. And you can choose the upgrading printer D11 and D11 Mini.

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Improvement of each edition.


             v1.1                                        v1.3                                 v1.4



Upgrading pack


        V1.4 Pack                             Anti Wobble Pack                       V1.5 Pack

Important notice:

A.    Duplicator V1.1, V1.2and some of V1.3 used a old version of  Endstop switch (Red color with 5mm sensor GAP). Please contact us to put one new 10mm sensor inside pack. If not inform us, we would charge USD25 to send the new sensor. (check V1.5 upgrading pack Manuel for detail).

B.    The V1.3 and V1.4  Endstop switch is black with 10mm gap.  In this case, the amount  hole is correct for your amount hole.

WANHAO D7 WorkShop(Slicer)


Version 1.5



    Version 1.4 Beta Edition







     You can purchase the unique transparent cover for WANHAO D7 from Kickstarter. Some one design this cover and sell on Kickstarter.