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An Interview From Industrial and Commercial college of Hangzhou Polytechnic


An Interview From Industrial and Commercial College of

Hangzhou Polytechnic


5 July /By Sally Zhu


In the morning of July 4th, a group of students majoring in business from Hangzhou Polytechnic visited Wanhao Company. They interviewed Mr. Chen Liang, general manager of Wanhao for  the development of technical innovation enterprise.




Ten students of the group came to Wanhao Company with prepared questions. General manager Chen Liang answered their questions patiently. He also told the story of how he started a company and how many difficulties he has met. Besides, he talked about the advantages of Wanhao Company in the high-tech business incubator of Hangzhou Polytechnic and expressed gratitude for government’s support.


At the end of interview, the leader of the group said that all of group members had learned a lot from Mr. Chen Liang, which also had a great help to the activity “Popular entrepreneurship and innovation”.




This interview will make more and more people know Wanhao Company and the products. As an innovative enterprise, we do our best and get support from government so that we can be the top team in Alibaba and have good reputation as the international 3d printer.