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Duplicator 6


 1.How to insert the D6 data cable into the extruder?




D6 locking bolt 2. How to tighten the locking bolt between the driving system and nozzle?




 3. How to eliminate the Aka sound from the X and Y axis bearing bracket?



4. How does a Wanhao Duplicator 6 working and printing a rhino?

5. How to add Wanhao Duplicator 6 rubber feet?

6. How to clean the jam of WANHAO D6  MK11 extruder?


7. How to disassemble the MK11 extruder?


8. How to fix the D6 heating board keeps heating without stop?


9. How to fix D6 heating board  thermistor broken?


10. How to fix D6 warning message" error stopped, tem sensor"?

11. How to fix D6 warning message" error stopped, Z switch broken"?


11. How to replace the side flat bearing of D6?


12. How to dis-assemble the D6 platform?

13. How to assemble the D6 platform?

14. How to reconnect the D6 OLED display yellow data cable?

15. What is review of D6 from third party?


16 How to eliminate the strings by adjusting the retraction?


17. How to make perfect first layer?

19. How to fix the filament break inside extruder(amount block)?


20. How to by pass the relay on the D6 motherboard?