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Duplicator i3Plus/i3plusMark2
1.How to Flash the firmware to LCD display and Motherboard?
 Please contact our support to purchase one MicroSD card with file inside.
 LCD_FirmwareV3.0 Download               I3_plus_V3.0.hex
V3.0 Instruction
1. New UI design.
2. More friendly to user.
3. Guidance 4 point leveling.
4. Some new function.
      V3.0 flashing Video 
V.2.1 instruction
Instruction  .rev.D      Video Instruction 
 Note: V2.1.1 fix the stop and resume printing bug.
 LCD_FirmwareV2.1.7 Download  I3_plus_V2.1.7.hex
 Note: V2.1.7 add the 4 point level and load and unload function.
 LCD_FirmwareV2.1.7 Download  I3_plus_V2.1.8.hex
 Note: V2.1.8 Fix the X axis home issue.

If the LCD display flashing failed for several times. Please try to formatting the LCD board first, then re-flash the board.

   1.1How to format the LCD display board?

    LCD_display_formating_firmware down load 

2.How is i3plus printing?


3.Wanhao Duplicator i3plus adding rubber feet?


4.How to fix WANHAO i3plus extruder jam?


5.Wanhao Duplicator i3PLUS 3D Printer!! Unboxing & First Impressions.

6.Recall on Wanhao Duplicator i3plus. How to insulate the heating bed and spring?

 Instruction  Recall Video

7.How to add i3plus insulate bushing(6*12*1mm)?

8.How to level i3plus heating bed?


9.How to set up i3plus?


10.What is difference between i3plus and i3v2.1?



11.What is  review from a third party?


12.The firmware to allow extruder Temperature get Max 280'C.


13. I3 Plus Mark 2, review.

14. How to adjust Blue ABL Sensor

Instruction                  Video

15. How to replace the blue sensor to orange one and change to metal sheet?

      Important Notice:  Orange sensor must work with metal sheet.

 Instruction              Video 

16. i3 Plus Mark 2 Leveling


17. How to replace the metal sheet onto the former one.


18. I3 Plus thermistor troubleshooting